Combining the unique piquancy and warmth of scotch bonnet peppers with citrus and spice accents, GENNY GRAHAM pepper jellies are both exotic and versatile. These tangy condiments are perfect as:

  • an accompaniment to cheese and cold meats
  • a tasty dip for canapés
  • a glaze for roasts and barbecues
  • a lively addition to sauces and casseroles
  • an unusual and beautifully presented gift for any occasion

Here are some recipe ideas to start you on your way....

Here is a great main course vegan dinner that is “Oh So Pretty,” and will satisfy your every craving! Juicy and flavoursome, spicy and hot, nutritious and satisfying tabouleh style stuffed mushrooms!

35 mins



Most people have heard of jerk chicken! It is a classic Jamaican barbecue style chicken required at every party! Here we take the jerk chicken up a notch by using our GENNY GRAHAM Pepper Jelly as a glaze!

45 mins


Halloumi Cheese Sandwich with Pepper Jelly

Do you need a recipe for a sandwich? You know, sometimes you do! Good sandwich making is an art!

Complete with crispy fried halloumi, sweet roast peppers and creamy avocado, this

delicious recipe is the peferct way to use any pepper jelly of your choice. 

35 mins



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